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Thursday, 18 March 2010 14:51

Google Goes to Picnik

Google which in the last few years has acquired several internet based websites, services and tools recently acquired Picnik. Picnik is an online photo editing tool that allows users to crop, do touch-ups and add effects to their digital photos. Picnik launched in 2005, has already been integrated as a online photo editing tool with a number of websites including Picasa Web Albums, Facebook, Flickr, Yahoo Mail and Photobucket.

Brian Axe, product management director at Google said. 93We are not announcing any significant changes to Picnik today, though we will be working hard on integration and new features. As well, we would like to continue supporting all existing Picnik partners so that users will continue to be able to add their photos from other photo sharing sites, make edits in the cloud and then save and share to all relevant networks.94

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