With online marketing and search engine optimization taking centerstage, it has become important to make relevant changes done in the way a website is marketed over the internet. As to get maximum weight-age in search engines and access to online customers is the most important thing for a website, these changes can help websites develop into a popular and most sought after website. However a few happenings in the last one yr that can surely influence the way a website gains popularity; includes the launch of BING.com, announcement of Google Caffeine service, and the merger of Yahoo and Microsoft search among others. Following is the list of pointers that can help a website reach out to potential customers, access wider market bases as well as enhance brand visibility.

Cutdown Webpage Load Time

Google has hinted that longer load time of a website may affect its ranking in the search engines. It means, the faster a website loads; its chances to rank well in search engines for its niche keywords increases. As such for a website to get improved ranking, access to reputable web hosting service provider and faster internet connection is important.

Listing in Google Local Search

Its’ important for a website to get listed in local searches like Google Local Search to ensure its visibility as a brand in areas near to its origin. Enhanced visibility in front of online visitors in the neighborhood ensures that the number of visitors to a website increases. It’s a known fact that an online customer always prefers to purchase a quality product available in his/her vicinity rather than order it from distant city or state. This will help a website gain prominence in local search results and ultimately enhance its overall ranking.

Enhance Social Media Presence

With social media being the new tool to communicate with people from far and wide with similar tastes, its important for organizations to actively engage and enhance their social networking profile to reach out to potential customers. Opting for relevant Social Media Marketing techniques can help organizations to create awareness about their brand, and thus build relationships with consumers who expect something particular. Niche marketing, micro targeting and personalized keywords can help websites enhance their online presence.

Optimize Website for Mobile Users

With increasing number of people using their mobile devices to communicate on Facebook and Twitter, it has now become important for organizations optimize their websites in such a way that they can be accessed from mobile phones. This will prompt people to access a website even at times when they don’t have access to laptops or PCs. Websites appear on mobiles either under the same URL or a special domain name. The most common way is to have the domain name as mobile.websitename.com

Apply Web Analytics

Its important for websites to opt for correct web analytics tools such as Omniture, Google Analytics and Yahoo! Web Analytics etc to analyze the way online visitor’s use internet time.  This will prompt websites to develop strategies to target online visitors in the best possible way. However web analytics tools can only answer the “how” many visitors checked the product catalogue, but not the answer to “why” the visitors didn’t place an order for the product. So its important for organizations to apply the findings of these tools to enhance their visitor experience and in turn increase sales revenues.