Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has gained prominence after Google started search engine facility. As the worlds leading search engine, Google has provided SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) a chance to popularize themselves in the face of stiff competition they face from large corporations. The SMEs use tools to popularize their websites, their by expanding their online reach. The more people they communicate with, the better is their chance to do good business using online sales as a medium. As Google Search expands its reach, its becoming important to enhance connections. Google helps connect consumers to all kinds information they need. Its important for SMEs to make use of Google tools that will them help in enhancing their reach. These include

Google Trends – Its a Google tool that allows users to track the popularity of a search term over a selected period. This allows them to go for online advertisements like Google Ads.

Google Blog Search – This blog search allows users to search for the products, company, or industry that interests them. Similar to Technorati, its used to deliver the right kind of search result as per the requirement.

Google Analytics — What search terms are being used to find a website? Google analytics allows users access to websites who have leave.

Search Engine Marketing has evolved into a business that is being used successfully by mid to upper level marketers, to expand their reach. However they need to take a few things into consideration.

Rank Your Results

Users need to benchmarks their SEM campaigns to allow it to perform to its full potential.  They can also design their own campaigns as per their requirement.

Check Your Bounce Rate

If the SEM campaigns are not developed properly it results in search results getting bounced from the website. Bounce rate measures how many visits just went to the landing page and did not go anywhere else.  As such creating landing pages of a website, preferably the home page where all the traffic will be directed is important.

Ensure Statistical Validity

Make sure that the differences in click through rates are statistically valid.  This can be done by ensuring that most valuable words on the website create the largest number of impressions.  This impression measurement will ensure conversion of clicks into permanent links.

Drill Down to Keyword Level

Optimization of keyword is important as it will allow a website to maintain its differences between the top and bottom 10% of a search result at the keyword level. This can be done by looking for similar groups of keywords.  If a website is selling books then the ad group should be built around selling books and not horror books. 

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the premier way by which websites can get targeted visitors. However, the content on the website many people may not understand. So its important to create content that bring in targeted results.

Creating Ad Campaigns

Creating ad campaign, preferably above 50 adgroups per campaign helps. These ad campaigns should be created with slight variations in the keyword list. The more the adgroups, the better it is, as these adgroups help websites get much more exposure than the other websites.

Creating Adgroups

Create tightly-themed adgroups with under 50 keywords per adgroup helps. Repeating the keywords in multiple adgroups for each search engine is not needed. One broad set of matching keywords instead of phrase and exact match is enough. Using negative keywords is not recommended.

Writing Ads

When it comes to content network, one must write ads that interrupt and grab attention of online visitors. Its not necessary that these ads should have the same keywords s in the title tag of the website to maximize search.


Do not pause SEM ad campaigns, use advanced ad scheduling for continuous work. This is because when there is a pause and start in the ad campaigns, it virtually means a start from scratch all over again as these campaigns have short life.

Keep Track

Keeping track of the SEM ad campaigns helps as it can allow users to make their website’s online business profitable. By tracking the adgroup instead of tracking the keywords one can enhance their presence in the search networks.