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Thursday, 18 March 2010 14:52

Google Almost Out of China

If reports are to be believed Google has drawn up detailed plans for closing its Chinese search engine, as talks with China over censorship have reached an apparent impasse. Google, is the world’s largest search engine. A person familiar with the company’s thinking said, while a decision could be made soon, Google was likely to take some time to follow through with its plans. This people say would be to takes steps to protect local employees from retaliation by authorities.

Earlier China had warned Google against flouting the country’s laws, as expectations grew over a resolution to a public battle over censorship and cyber-security. Google had earlier threatened to pull out of China in January if it could not offer an unfiltered Chinese search engine. The threat came after cyber attacks originating from China on it and about 30 other firms. China’s Minister of Industry and Information Technology, Li Yizhong, told reporters on Friday said ”If you don’t respect Chinese laws, you are unfriendly and irresponsible, and the consequences will be on you.” Eric Schmidt, Chief Executive of Google had said on Wednesday that he hoped to announce a result to talks with Chinese authorities on offering an uncensored search engine in China.

The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shares oversight of the use of Internet with a number of other bodies. Some more bureaucracies are involved in foreign access, thus complicating the Chinese government’s response to Google’s challenge.

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