The micro-blogging site has become a rage practically with people from all walks of life using it to convey their feelings in few words in what are called as Tweets, which are short updates of a maximum of 140 characters that tell people what they are up to. The website where its’ all about following and being followed, Twitter has emerged as a tool for people to enhance their online presence. Although Twitter was meant to authentically answer the question, “What are you doing?” it has moved far beyond that with people using it to share stories, link to photos, promote content, break news, and a whole lot more. As such Twitter has now become an important tool for marketing tool for professionals to promote themselves or business through internet using the social media domain. However there are few things that people need to take care of or keep in mind before trying to make maximum utilization of This will evidently help them expand there following and ultimately help them to market themselves. These are

Sharing Links

People mostly post something that interest’s them on their blog post, its’ also easy for them to share its link on Twitter with all their followers. Twitter being highly effective social networking website in helping people connect to a large number of people globally, allows the users to even manage and enhance their blog posts viewership/readership directly from their Twitter Account.

Build Network

Using Twitter people can build network and find and follow like minded people. People can use the Steeple tool to find people living in their neighborhood. Other tools can also be used to find people. One of the easiest is to find out who follow people you know on Twitter.

Build Relationships

People from various networks can use Twitter to connect with their contacts instantly rather than using instant messaging. Using Twitter to connect with their network during events like conferences can help expand their reach.

Re-Distributing Content

Twitter can be used to redistribute content from blogs or websites. However care should be taken as to keep track of people who either follow the blog directly or through Twitter as there should not be any repeat. As such avoid blog plug-ins that automatically Tweets the blog posts. Its better to post Tweets by tweaking them manually and customizing each Tweet.

Join Live Tweeting Events

Joining live tweeting events on Twitter are a great way to boost popularity as that will allow instant connection with several people in the niche areas of expertise. Also providing active and valuable contributions to current discussions enhances the reputation of users not just inside the niche community but also outside.


Twitter can be used as a company intranet to connect with colleagues/employees in different geographical locations. It can used to send and receive updates in total privacy if security is a concern.

Brand Monitoring

Twitter can be used to monitor progress in business. Using Twitter one can generate and receive feedback from customers and suppliers and consequently improve their business. This will help in expanding the business of the website, and ultimately spread the brand name of the website through constructive criticism.

Acquire Votes

By submitted a story on social media websites like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon where votes gained by each post can help enhance popularity. After posting on these websites, putting a link on twitter can help in get more votes from followers. If followers like the post, they will surely vote for the content.

Hire People

Twitter can be used to hire a professional also. It can be done by simply asking the followers through a tweet to look for person with desired skills. Twitter has become a favorite joint for qualified freelancers, as such chance of getting a suitable candidate through Twitter is more than putting a classified ad.

Build a Brand

Using Twitter to tell people about breakfast, dinner or the time to sleep makes a profile casual. Even those running a company that has a cold, corporate brand image could create more appeal and build a unique personal brand using Twitter.

Streamline Communication

Twitter can be used to do public chatting through Tweets, that allows users to send and receive direct messages. Streamlined electronic communications, allows people to scale back online their IM, email, and other electronic communication methods.

About the Company

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