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SMS Marketing Services

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing uses mobiles SMS (Short Message Service) service to create a marketing campaign for a product or service. Under this a variety of messages can be sent to either prospective clients, or targeted clients to entice them to either purchase a product or avail a service. The amount of Messages sent can be single or bulk based on the requirement of the customer. Under this a single SMS can be sent or a number of Messages can be sent. This can be considered as the fastest and most cost effective method of marketing that allows businesses and social organizations to create awareness about their product or service or programs by just sending text message using a simple PC based application.

SMS Marketing allows anyone to send unlimited text messages; which can be in the form of season greetings, business advertisement, invitations, notifying customers of deals, job alerts, product promotions. SMS Marketing campaigns can be sent to both GSM and CDMA mobile phones on national mobile networks. This type of multiple messaging allows the sender to market and promote at the least possible price.

What Does Begonia Information Systems (BIS) Do?

Begonia Information Systems (BIS) uses a variety of innovative techniques to send Messages to individuals or list of phone numbers on all national or international phone networks. The uniqueness of SMS Marketing service provided by BIS, called the ‘SMS Gateway’ is that the Messages can be sent on a targeted manner to a single person or to numerous individuals, with no limit to the number of SMS sent to each person. BIS also provides the innovative facility to send SMS in unicode, where send messages can be saved for later viewing by the user. The innovative software used by BIS allows the user to send Bulk SMS at the lowest price, thus cutting down on expenditure for promotion of products or services.

BIS also provides the unique and innovative Bulk SMS solutions for SMS software to users even if they don’t have technical skills required to operate the ‘SMS Gateway’. The software allows the user to send SMS as many times as he wants at the lowest possible price package for each SMS as agreed upon by the client. The innovative service provided BIS allows clients to send marketing or advertisement SMS using a customized Plug In. This Plug In allows the user to use the computer to send messages to intended customers on their mobile. The bulk SMS service provided by BIS is ideally suited for use by corporates, stock brokers, financial institutes who need to send numerous instant messages to the clients at the lowest possible price.