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Payment Gateway Integration

If you are looking  to sell your products, articles, movies or anything you need, just integrate the payment gateway in your website and start selling online right from your website this is the best means to generate income from your website.

Payment Gateway is a means of integrating a service provider into your application for felicitating the payment transactions online. Put in simple terms, if you integrate the Payment Gateway in your application, you will be able to receive payments from your website.

Some payment gateways include an automatic recurring billing option, so merchants can submit recurring payment information. Once the transaction is submitted, the payment can be repeated based on a selected schedule. Transactions that where submitted using the automatic recurring billing option can be repeated on a monthly, tri monthly, semi-annual and annual basis.

What does Begonia Information System (BIS) do?

                Begonia Information Systems (BIS) has a vast amount of experience in developing e-commerce, custom solutions that involve the integration from a single payment gateway to a numerous payment gateways and processing their transactions and securing the transaction information. At BIS, we have worked with a number of Payment Gateway providers both globally recognized or recognized and used in your locality.

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Some of the most popular payment gateways are:

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