Begonia Information Systems
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Web 2.0 Technology

What is Web 2.0 Technology?

Web 2.0 Technology is a second generation web development and design technology that facilitates communication, interoperability, secure information sharing, and collaboration using the internet. Web 2.0 technology was primarily developed to facilitate communication, interoperability, information exchange, user based design evolution; which has spawned the further development of web-based communities, social-networking sites, video-sharing sites, wikis, blogs, and others.

Web 2.0 uses a variety of protocols such as RSS (Really Simple Syndication), RDF (RSS 1.1), REST (Representational State Transfer), WSDL (Web Services Description Language), SOAP and Atom, as well as specialized protocols such as FOAF and XFN for social networking. All one needs to know is basic web 2.0 concepts and have the ability to use it enhance the business value.

A combination of web 2.0 technologies with Customer Resource Management (CRM) modules allows businesses to work with their customers and develop stronger relationships with them. Web 2.0 technologies have resulted in the development of internet services such as AdSense (Google), (Yahoo!), Digg, Facebook, Flickr (Yahoo!), LinkedIn, LiveSticker, Netvibes (Portal), Picasa Web Album (Google), StumbleUpon, Technorati, Twitter, Wikipedia, Yoolink, and YouTube (Google).

What Does Begonia Information Systems (BIS) Do?

Begonia Information Systems (BIS) uses a variety of innovative web 2.0 technologies to develop a variety of websites. BIS makes use of technologies such as CSS, a semantically valid XHTML markup and micro-formats; URLs; architecture REST/XML Web services; AJAX and other technology-rich applications; syndication and aggregation of content using RSS/Atom feeds; and label categorization.

BIS helps companies to integrate web 2.0 technologies into their business processes and IT infrastructure. BIS uses innovative technologies to spread news, connect, interact and socialize with others for business and for pleasure