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Social Networking

What is Social Networking?


A social networking website is a place where people can go, set up a personal page, interact with other members and network. Social networking portals allow internet users to build relationships whether professional, social and friendly by way of creating a community, exchange of information through text, photos and videos. Social networking portals have become more popular because people are using them not only to build relationships or share information but they can also promote their business. It has become a free platform to reach the direct customers and engage them with direct business offers. So anybody interested in the entering online business this is actually a great option since now a days many business are promoting their products on Social Networking portals such as facebook, myspace etc. These sites tend to package services related to either general or specific community. In terms of traffic social networking portals are competing with google and yahoo search engines. Though they are many social networking sites ranging from big sites eg: facebook to smaller sites aimed at specific niche such asRevelry, a social networking site for people who like to knit.

Anybody with a brilliant idea to develop a niche community can come up with a his or her own social networking portal and can become the next great innovator in social networking area which will not only fulfill the uniqueness in sharing the information on the web but also can become a great revenue generation source.

What Does Begonia Information Systems (BIS) Do?

Begonia Information Systems (BIS) intends’ to develop social networking websites using innovative Web 2.0 technologies. As interactive and dynamic social networking websites are used to promote or operate social networks that allow people to promote businesses, social groups and others; BIS intends to provide a variety of functionality, interoperability features on the social networks it develops, so to allow the users to get the maximum benefit out of the websites.BIS intends to develop social networking sites that will allow users to set up and customize their 'profiles' as per their liking. BIS intends to provide the users with a variety of security features such as privacy settings, access control, and other related matters. BIS also intends to provide its clients with innovative facilities such as to add numerous personal entries, add picture albums, upload live videos, add members to the group or community within the network.


BIS also intends to provide its clients with innovative interoperability tools such as OpenID and OpenSocial to create 'viral' contact and spread information between groups that share common interests and hold discussions in forums. BIS also intends to provide internet mapping services to help organize user participation centeredaround geographic boundaries. BIS intends to use its expertise to provide its clients with facility to make use of the social networking site for business purpose as well as allow additional features such as child safety, protection against misuse ie hacking.


If you are interested in an online business, then this is a great option. Right now the market only has a few social networking sites that are up and running including MySpace and Facebook. You can use these social networking sites as a guide when creating your own social networking website.


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