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Social Media Optimization

What is SMO?

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is used for generating publicity in social media, online communities. Functionalities such as social news buttons, blogging, RSS feeds, and images and videos uploading come under SMO. SMO is somewhat related to Search Engine Optimization/Marketing, but primarily focuses on generating traffic from sources other than search engines.

SMO can be considered a viral marketing technique using networking options in social bookmarking, video and photo sharing websites as well as blogs. SMO as an integral part of Online Reputation Management (ORM)/Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) strategy is ideal for organizations/individuals who wan to enhance their presence online.

What Does Begonia Information Systems (BIS) Do?

Begonia Information Systems (BIS) uses a variety of innovative techniques to provide SMO services. These techniques are applied by BIS to help companies to create a brand for themselves and then market their products and services using online social networks. BIS provides a variety of SMO services such as forum marketing, where BIS tries to improve the clients standing in some of the most active forums; blog marketing to increase participation in blogging communities; article writing and article submissions and create a brand image online; as well as write online press release and create a regular distribution network.

BIS uses these innovative steps to generate online attention for clients online. Also included are innovative RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed to effectively distribute dynamic content of the website on the internet. apart from these services such as submission to various RSS web sites are also included.

Social Media Marketing :

What is SMM?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) also known as social influence marketing uses techniques such as publication relations, social influencing, online communities, social media platforms, and customer service. Some SMM tools include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and YouTube. SMM is a collective group of web properties whose content is published by users, not directed at employees of the property.

SMM is centered around 2 important aspects of adding links to services such as Digg, Reddit and where pages can be easily 'saved and submitted' online. Building a brand to promote clients on multiple online social media allows the creation of distinct online identity. SMM parameters are centered around online marketing, blogging, public relations, and social media marketing. The SMM helps in the enhancement of social web keeping in mind factors such as declaration of identity, user-initiated conversation, identity through association, provider-initiated conversation, and in-person interaction.

What Does Begonia Information Systems (BIS) Do?

Begonia Information Systems (BIS) uses a variety of innovative techniques to create a proper SMM campaign. BIS uses SMM to create/develop identity-based interaction, association-based interaction, user-initiated conversation, provider-initiated conversation, and in-person interaction which are essential for creating a online brand image of a company.

BIS uses SMM techniques to help small businesses generate as much sales as possible online. SMM intends to create indirect relationships between the clients and the various social media networks. BIS uses innovative techniques to communicate, collaborate, and entertain the requirements of clients. BIS uses its expertise to implement a variety SMM tools that helps organization to not just create brand value for themselves but also a voice to make there presence felt.

Social Media Portals :

What is SMPs?

Social Media Portals (SMPs) are an innovative tool to map  social networks and User Generated Content (UGC). SMPs allow users such as marketers and corporations to get valuable data to that will allow them to engage with potential customers. SMPs are essentially web 2.0 websites that allow users to get advertisers for there sites.

For Social Networking Portals to be effective, its’ necessary that these portals are not just visually appealing, but allow the setting up of a variety of complex relationships between different websites and social networking portals. The innovativeness of SMPs can be measured by the scalable architecture used in them that allows a vast amount of data to be accumulated at one place. SMPs allow its owners’ to submit their details’ and entices’ media space buyers to establish relationship between them. Apart from website related data, SMPs also include podcasts, widgets, blogs, press releases, campaigns, livechats, news & events, and other related articles as well as instant messenger service.

What Does Begonia Information Systems (BIS) Do?

Begonia Information Systems (BIS) intends’ to develop Social Networking Portals to provide the users opportunity to use SMPs to expand relationships with various other portals, brands, agencies and consumers as per their type and category. BIS intends to develop SMPs that will allow easier contacts by using search options based on age groups and content. Also BIS intends to help users to use SMPs to create their own advertising and social media campaigns.

The interface of portals developed by BIS are dynamic, which ensure that if the data to be displayed on the portal resemble as if having been generated from the information captured on the portal itself. Also SMPs developed by BIS are user friendly that allow user’s as per their membership level of the portals to filter information on the portals. BIS is developing SMPs that are also compatible with respect to eCommerce, polls, competitions, RSS feeds, and tag clouds. SMPs must also be CMS compatible as that will allow the portal administrators to keep updating information on the portal.
BIS also intends to use innovative technology to restrict the use of Social Networking Portals as a medium for cyber bullying, something that has become increasingly prevalent nowadays with internet users, especially with those who are mostly adolescents and minors. All the parents and guardians need to do is that keep themselves abreast with the latest developments in the Social Networking Portal sector that are being utilized by the children.