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Social Bookmarking Portals

What are Social Bookmarking?


In Social Bookmarking portals / websites  users get a chance to organize, search, share, and manage bookmarks of websites. In Social Bookmarking sites resources aren't shared, but only the bookmarks that help create references for them. Under Social Bookmarking descriptions can also be added in the form of metadata that allows the users to easily understand the content of the resource without the need to download it including free text comments, votes in favor or against or tags. In a social bookmarking system users get to save links to web pages they favor. These bookmarks can be saved publicly or privately, shared with specific number of people or groups/networks. The people who have access get to view these bookmarks by category or tags or by search engine. It’s a far better option than give ranking to resources based on the number of external links pointing towards it.


Social Bookmarking websites encourage their users to organize their bookmarks with informal tags rather than browser-based folders. Social Bookmarkers allow viewing of bookmarks associated with chosen tag alongside information about number of users who bookmarked them. Some social bookmarking service providers try to create a cluster of tags or bookmarks, web feeds for their bookmarks. This allows bookmarks subscribers to view new bookmarks that have been shared, saved, and tagged by other users. As the social bookmarking service providers expand their reach they try to include a variety of other services such as allow bookmark viewers to rate and comment on bookmarks, import and export bookmarks from browsers, email bookmarks and write web annotation. The biggest advantage of a social bookmarking system over traditional automated resource locator or search engine spider is that the classification of internet resources/websites is done by human beings, who have a understanding about the content rather than a software.


What Does Begonia Information Systems (BIS) Do?


Begonia Information Systems (BIS) uses a variety of innovative methodologies to develop and create appropriate Social Bookmarking web portal for its clients. BIS intends to help its clients to develop a social bookmarking system to find and bookmark web pages that have still not been indexed by web spiders, as well as rank the resource based on no. of times it has been bookmarked. BIS intends to develop quality Social Bookmarking web portals that can be used to access a consolidated set of bookmarks from various computers, organize and share the bookmarks with contacts. BIS has the capability to deliver social bookmarking web portals to libraries, as it allows the libraries to easily provide access to a list of informative links about their patrons.BIS allows its clients to do Social Bookmarking on all major web browsers, using the optimum amount of codes based on web 2.0 technology that will allow them to not just maximize their reach to their customers but also create awareness about anything, be it a product or service.

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