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Adwords Campaigns

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A quick and easy way for Creating text Advertisements related to your site. They are Google's ad system for getting revenue and are shown in the search engine as Sponsored results. These advertisements are of two types: a)Pay-per-Click B)Site-targeted Advertising The ads are short & to the point, consisting of one or two lines along with their description. a)Google pays the advertiser whenever his ad is clicked by the user. The Click thru' rate(CTR) is a way of measuring the success of a campaign. CTR is defined as the number of clicks on an Ad divided by the number of impressions.The higher the CTR, your ad is that important. That is, your Click through ratio is having a positive impact. This does not mean a person can click 10-20 times on an Ad. Because if this happens, then the Ad is banned from Google. Page Impression is the number of times an Ad is displayed. It is the search count.b)Site targeting campaigns are mainly designed for branding purposes (creating an image of your site in the market). These types of Ads displayed will target your users based on the specific Ad Placements.Advertisers can create customised Ads and then bid on a cost per impression (CPM) basis for placement of their Ads in sites which are in Google's content network.The minimum CPM you can set on a Site-Targeted campaign is 25 cents.

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We help you increase your website revenues through Pay-Per-Click (paid marketing) techniques like tracking your visitors,how to improve the Click thru' Rates, how to get conversions for your Ad campaigns and track the ROI for your business.