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Web Hospital Management System

Online Hospital Management System & Healthcare Administration Software

A Online Hospital Management System & Healthcare Administration Software(eHMS) is an integrated end-to-end web based software application meant to make the administrative and management work at a hospital streamlined. The software application covers every aspect of hospital administration and management of processes, information at the disposal of the hospital administrator helping them to take effective decision with regard to patient care, hospital administration and finances.

Key features of Online Hospital Management System

  • eEHMS helps the hospitals coordinate their activities, prepare financial statements quickly and effectively, coordinate patient movement, as well as consistently update patient related information with reference to medicine administered and visits.
  • eHMS with its online billing facility allows not just the hospital management to prepare bills online but also coordinate employee duties, employee salary, as well as collect, collate and retrieve patient information automatically
  • The eHMS provides the user to have better streamlined operations, enhanced administrative capability, as well as provide superior patient care, reduce expenditure and enhance profits.
  • The eHMS is very useful for small hospitals, nursing homes & clinics to synergize their resources and ultimately increase revenues generated from the service provided by the hospital.
  • eHMS supplied by our web design and development company allows the hospital administration to maintain a perfect record as per use and maintenance of essential equipment.
  • eHMS can help the hospital administration to easily keep track regular or intermittent purchase and disposable of various consumable materials used in a hospital (eg. cotton, gauge, needles, bottles, syringes, sachets, plastic bags)
  • eHMS also helps to schedule doctor’s appointment, operation theater management, patient admission/discharge/transfer, patient bed management, patient discharges, tax management, and patient ward management.
  • eHMS of BIS allows for keeping track of pharmacy purchase and sale; apart from this keep track of various records concerning a patient including their personal medical records, patient diet as well as pathology records.
  • eHMS of BIS allows a hospital management to swiftly manage financial records of the hospital, disperse salary in employees, and keep track of housekeeping affairs (including maintenance and cleanliness of hospital premises).
  • eHMS software by BIS includes high level of scalability, allowing the user to add or delete any module as per requirement, add and remove any type of record, as and when a patient is admitted or discharged as well as take a print out of any record as and when required.
  • The patient-centric eHMS allows the hospital administration for all disparate files on a patient to be housed in a centrally located master file, ensuring easy retrieval of patient records and management of patient files as well as faster integration.
  • The easy interoperability of eHMS allows the administrator to access the various modules being run from the main system of the hospital in an independent/remote manner from any location using a computer and an internet connection.


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