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POS Inventory Management System Software

Web Pharma point of sale inventory management system is a unique application in itself, which is a point of sale and inventory management system exclusively designed for small to medium size Pharma retail businesses, it is effective online software which helps you in managing your Pharma shop with a simple click of a button. In Hyderabad except BIS, no other web design and development company provides effective online POS inventory management software which helps you in managing your shop billing, inventory, accounting etc. Point of sale is designed with easy, intuitive and user friendly GUI.

Major Benefits derived from this application are :

  1. Improved Customer Service and Satisfaction
  2. Higher Operational Efficiency
  3. Efficient Return Management
  4. Get accurate information to take critical business decisions
  5. Flexible and comprehensive inventory classification to suit POS business needs

With an inbuilt POS in this system

  1. You can analyze sales data; figure out how well all the items on your shelves sell, and adjust purchasing levels accordingly.
  2. You can maintain a sales history to help adjust your buying decisions for seasonal purchasing trends.

Ease Of Customization :

This software has been developed on MVC architecture, any sort of customization is so easy and simple, you can create any module and just add to the existing components

The main components of this application are :

  1. Admin
  2. Point of Sale (POS) and
  3. Inventory

Features of Inventory Management System

This innovative software package incorporates a complete real pharmacy management application. It provides the following features :

Retail Outlet Component with POS & Admin:

  1. Manage Customers
  2. Manage Items
  3. Supplier Information
  4. Process Sales/Sale Returns to and from customers
  5. Purchase Returns to Suppliers
  6. View Items Nearing Expiry
  7. Manage Employee Details
  8. Payments through Cash, Cheque or Cash/Cheque Modes


  1.     Statistical Reports

Statistical Representation for sales, categories, customers, items, employees, Discounts, Payments

      2.    Summary Reports

View Individual Summary Reports for sales, Manufacturers, Categories, Customers, Doctors, Suppliers, Employees, Discounts, Taxes, Batch Wise Sale, Sales Return, Sales without Vat etc

     3.    Detailed Reports

Detail Reports for Sales, Suppliers and Customers

    4.    Inventory Report

Inventory Reports like Item Inventory, Low Inventory Report, Items nearing Expiry, Drug expiry report Return Items nearing Expiry


  1.     Monthly/Annual Income and Expenditure Report with Profit and loss statements
  2.     Generate Payment/Receipt Vouchers
  3.     View Cash Book/Bank Book
  4.     Manage Supplier Info
  5.     Manage Supplier Billing Info

Future Enhancements

We are working on the development of multi shop POS & Inventory system, where after installation the super admin ( owner ) can have the ability to create multiple retail outlets of his business, each retail outlet will have its own billing, inventory, sales, customer tracking, and a whole lot of reports and super admin can manage and track all the activities minute by minute of the multiple retail outlets from a single point sitting at one place.