Begonia Information Systems
An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Web Development Company

SAAS Model Based Application

Begonia Information System (BIS) an ISO 9001-2008 certified web design and development comapany, intends to enhance the availability of SaaS short for (Software-as-a Service) for its clients as a tool to deliver software as a service over the internet. BIS intends to use its network based SaaS expertise to host software applications at its web servers and allow its clientele to access those software applications through web interface without the need to invest money in servers or install any type of software in their premises.

SAAS Business Model

The main idea behind BIS coming up with SaaS is to help its clients save money and get its’ services delivered as fast as possible. The SaaS model developed by BIS is ultimately to enhance the business efficiency of clients. Also using SaaS, BIS wants to provide its clients opportunity to expand their online business. Among other services provided by BIS under SaaS includes software based security through remotely established data-centers outside the client organization; as well as to secure the data, thus reducing the chances of unauthorized access. BIS also intends to provide its clients SaaS based software compatibility over the internet without the nned to install the software module on the client side. Another advantage of BIS provided SaaS applications is unhindered accessibility to clients. BIS also intends to provide its clients with regular support services, including updations