Begonia Information Systems
An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Web Development Company

E-Branding Service

Begonia Information System (BIS) intends to provide E-Branding Services to its clients and help them make and develop an effective e-business strategy. BIS intends to provide dedicated E-Branding Services to clients through expert staff and use specific e-branding methodologies that have been designed to help companies change the way, they use the internet to interact with customers or other businesses.

Online Branding

Some of the major e-branding methodologies adopted by our revolutionized web design and development company include Brand DNA, to review client's business model and objectives and help create a general perception for the clients’ brand; Brand Network Analysis, to identify and target the correct recipients. Other major e-branding methodologies adopted by BIS include Brand Inspiration, provide an extended chance to client to expand his relationship with targeted audiences; and E-business Brand Operations, to develop a set of standards that will help a website to design and direct the look and feel, functionality, content, usability, navigability, and technology. All these e-branding methodologies are meant to help a website to develop a consistent relation with its online and off-line client base.

Apart from these BIS also provides other E-Branding Services such as Strategic Web technology Solutions, Offshore development/Outsourcing Services, Web design Outsourcing Services, SEO/SEM Outsourcing Services.