Begonia Information Systems
An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Web Development Company

Business Intelligence

Begonia Information System (BIS) intends to provide comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) functionality to its clients for better business decision-making. The Business Intelligence software technologies used by BIS allows its clients to leverage any type of data source, transform data into useful information, and deliver it using internet or intranet connections in required format to the end user. BIS consistently tries to reduce cost and time for development and deployment of BI applications, while providing powerful, scalable, and enterprise-wide BI solutions. The business intelligence software technologies used by BIS include text mining, reporting, data mining, business performance management, OLAP, analytics, benchmarking, and predictive analytics.

BI Technologies

BIS uses Business intelligence technologies, skills, applications and practices to help its clients develop a better understanding of its commercial context using spreadsheets, charts, tabular reports, and dashboards to prepare a detailed BI report and make better decisions with regards to customer databases, personnel data, supply chain information, manufacturing, and sales and marketing activities. BIS intends to help its clients develop a single coherent framework for real-time reporting and detailed analysis reports about customers, managers, partners, employees, and executives. The advantages of BI software developed by our web design and development company for clients include processing of requests quickly, intelligently, and efficiently; faster and more efficient response to changing conditions; develop information as asset; transform cluttered data into illustrative enterprise reports quickly; enhance reporting systems by incorporating transactional forms, and deliver information to both local and remote workers in the format that is understandable to them. BIS also intends to provide interactive BI applications to clients that can be optimized for use with mobiles, smart phones, and e-mail.