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According to a study by US-based Barracuda Networks, only about 1/5th of Twitter users or 21% to be precise are actually regular users of Twitter. Barracuda Networks defined regular Twitter users as those users who have at least 10 followers, follow at least 10 people, and have tweeted at least 10 times on The study also revealed that 49% of Twitter users and 48 of the top 100 most followed Twitter users, have joined only between November 2008 and April 2009. Most of these newly joined twitter users include renowned celebrities such as actors, athletes, musicians and politicians who started their Twitter accounts to make their followers aware of their activities in real time. This has led to being promoted as a daily service.

Also according to study, only 26% or just over 1/4th of Twitter users had 10 followers or more as of December 2009, while only 40% per cent were simultaneously following 10 or more Twitter users. Barracuda Networks revealed that more than half of Twitter users or 51% to be precise, were following less than 5 people. In terms of tweets, the study revealed that just over 1/3rd or A034% of Twitter users were not even tweeting once, while a whopping 73% or close 3/4thA0 Twitter92s users tweeted for less than 10 times. That means that most of the tweets on the social network website were being generated by just 1/4th of the users. According to Barracuda Networks, the survey was carried out on more than 19 million Twitter accounts, both legitimate and malicious, for assessing not just frequency and content of tweets, but also user-to-user interactions, and each Twitter account92s overall activity level.

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Google India under an initiative with Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is set to provide Google Maps users information on Delhi Metro train schedules and routes. The information to be regularly updated will be made available through Google Transit, a dedicated service that allows users to plan a trip using public transportation system and can give information on train timings, station locations, frequency of service, time taken for travel and ticket fares.

E Sreedharan, Managing Director-Delhi Metro Rail Corporation said 93In line with Delhi Metro92s vision for a people-centric public transport system, we have launched several initiatives that will help commuters better manage their travel time, transfers, and make more informed transport decisions. The collaboration with Google is another step in this direction to make it even more easier for the public to plan their trips with transit information on Google Maps94.

Manik Gupta, product manager of Google Maps and Local, Google India said 93Google Transit’s goal is to make public transport information easily accessible and useful. With just a click on a station, metro commuters can get information about timings, stations, passing lines, frequency of service etc. As Delhi Metro becomes the favored public transportation for thousands of commuters every day, this service will help attract new commuters and help existing commuters to discover new routes.94

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