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There are several companies that are cash strapped and as can’t afford to spend money on advertising. If the website is the prime information channel for business, its really important for them to have a improvised SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy as well as creative means to attract users. Working on SEO and SEM at the same time, steadily the focus should be on SEO more than SEM to generate traffic. The more time spent on SEO, the lesser energy and money is spent on SEM. Why someone has to opt for these steps, it’s to promote their website. Companies that have their revenue model largely concentrated on e-commerce, or those with a constrained budget, are now-a-days using the internet to promote themselves. Many companies that like to complement their main-line (or above-the-line) spends have also started using the internet as a key alternative medium.

The key reasons for this shift is growth in internet penetration which is at about 30 million in India. (about 3% of India’s population). As most people in urban areas have easy access to the internet due to falling broadband prices and new products that give better wireless access, and there is a library of information that can be “Googled”; it makes internet an effective tool to communicate. The communication can be made effective by adopting a SEO campaign that follows some set parameters such as keywords, title, page rank, content, images, relevancy, URL address, and age of url.


It’s important to know which keywords are important to optimize for. If a website is a retailer of bean bags, it’s important to know what consumers type in Google while searching for bean bags. There are many tools available on Google that help generate this for the website. Try the keyword tool in Google AdWords or wordtracker.


Ensure that the title of webpage is not more than 60 characters. If the website and its competitor have the same particular keyword in equal quantities on title, the next factor becomes the placement of keyword. In this case, its important to ensure that the keywords in title is before that of your competitor’s. For instance, if the keyword is the 25th character of competitor’s web title, the website should have anything less than that. This way you will feature higher.

It’s also important for Google to know that there is no junk in website title. The way Google determines that is by checking whether the words in website title, by matching those in the content of webpage. If they are not, it won’t do as well as for the website. So choose and use those keywords on home page that are relevant to the website.


Anyone who makes a living off communication knows the importance of relevancy. No advertising is worth its quality if it’s talking to its target market at a point when the category is not relevant to their frame of mind. It would be useless to talk about online bus tickets when someone is sitting at a café. However, it could be extremely relevant when they are “Googling” for bus tickets or when they are waiting for their bus at a bus stand. Even average advertising messages can do wonders when it’s delivered at the right time. So companies must leverage the internet as used by majority of net-surfing population. Google is engineered in such a way that it gives companies selling a genuinely good product an chance to reach out to their customers without incurring a cost, or incurring minimal cost.

Multiple URLs and URL Address

Its important for website owners to not stuff all the keywords in the home page. Optimizing all the URLs in website for different keywords will help them to achieve a good balance between content and form. Extra content kills the design of website. If the URL address contains the keyword, Google gives it more weight as it tells to whom the site belongs to and for what. However now-a-days keywords metatag are lost importance as Google has stopped reading them a while back.

Page Rank

A simple formula devised by Google to check relevancy and the quality of a site is Page Rank. It’s nothing but a vote that shows how other websites look upon website. If site x points a link to site y, then that’s a vote of confidence in site y by x. This goes well in Y’s page rank. More the links, the better the page rank. As the focus is towards’ getting more people to point towards the website having loads of information helps. If a website somehow gets .edu or .gov websites to link its invaluable. The logic being that educational or government websites are more credible than the regulars. However sometimes websites which are less relevant may show up higher than regular websites because of their higher page rank.


While developing content for website, some simple rules need to be followed. Make sure that each keywords have a higher density than other words. As quality content is more important than quantity, ensure that when stuffing the page with keywords, it should make sense to the customer. Otherwise, visitors will leave the webpage in no time and all time spent on SEO will be worthless. As such its important to remember that Google gives more weight to content right on top than that below. Once done with analyzing the search on keywords, its better to understand how one can structure the content in title, description, URL and home page, in that order. It’s always relative, so don’t forget to ensure that the website is placed higher than competitors website. However don’t try to stuff all keywords in the content in such a way that it’s seems meaningless. It’s a fight between quality and quantity. More brownies are scored with content in H1 (header) tags than regular content. More weight goes to larger font than smaller. However its important to understand that negative marking will make website disappear off Google, if someone tries to hide content by making it non-readable (either making the font the same color as the background or making it very small). Google uses Googlebot, its crawler to figure these out. Its blind but not dumb.


Don’t use any flash, unless people know the website URL and owners don’t have to depend on SEO. Use good images to compensate for the lack of flash. Googlebot crawler stops when it sees flash. Put a name to images (the company logo) using alternative text that describes the image for the user, in case the image does not show up in a browser.

Age of URL

Another factor that Google considers important is the age of URL. A competitor’s website that is less relevant may show up higher if its been around for longer time than the website. Once a website crosses the 1 year barrier, it can move up the same league as its competitors.

Facebook dropped a bombshell on the tech industry last week in the form of a Web-wide "Like" button and the launch of the "Open Graph." Using this new platform, websites can drive traffic from Facebook by including Like buttons on their pages; every 'Like' posts an update to that user's Facebook page. Facebook, the powerful social network said 50,000 websites have adopted the change. What's more, any website can customize its experience, if logged into Facebook. "Already, just one week since launch, more than 50,000 sites across the Web have implemented the new plugins," Sandra Liu Huang said on Facebook's blog for application developers.

"We are thrilled by the strong adoption so far as developers realize how easy social plugins are to use and how powerful they are in engaging users in a frictionless experience without requiring them to share any personal information." People use the "Like" button to recommend websites, news stories, blog posts and music to friends. Facebook announced the change at its f8 conference on April 21. At the time, only 75 sites had signed up to use the feature, which is Facebook's way of making the entire web a more social experience. In a keynote address at f8, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said there would be 1 billion "Like" buttons scattered all over the web within 24 hours of his announcement. Thursday's blog post makes no mention of whether that target was met.

Tech blogs largely have reacted favorably to Facebook's effort to spread itself all over the web. Some have expressed concerns about privacy and the fact that Facebook may want to be a singular, dominant force on the Internet, putting it in competition with search engine giant Google. On the blog Mashable, Ben Parr wrote that the fact that 50,000 websites have adopted Facebook's "Like" plugin is a good sign for the social network, which already has 400 million members. "Social plugins are just the first step in Facebook’s ambitious plan to become the central nexus of the web," he writes. "With this kind of adoption success, it’s tough to imagine a scenario where Facebook doesn’t take over the web."

Likes to Replace Links?

Facebook announced Likes as a form of "social links" — better than a link because it's related to a specific user. If Like buttons take off, that's really bad news for Google, since its algorithm uses links between sites to determine their order in search results. Facebook seeks to replace this open system of links between pages with the "social links" (or Likes) that it controls. Google and other search engines won't have full access to all these Likes, so the company best positioned to rank the Web will be Facebook. No wonder the "open Web" advocates are sounding the alarm, concerned that a single company will stockpile all of our personal information and preferences. Already there are calls to create an "OpenLike" standard that's accessible to all, reports Facebook watcher Nick O'Neill.

Facebook Optimization?

Can the measurement of an industry affect the output of that industry? If an Academy Award is the ultimate measure of a movie, do directors set out to create great films or Oscar-winning ones? Appearing on the first page of Google results for your chosen search term is perhaps the online equivalent of an Oscar win. As Google rose to become the barometer of all that's worthy on the Web, publishers rushed to change their sites to appease the Google god. "Search Engine Optimization" became a massive industry; a multitude of SEO consultants sprung up, offering to tweak your Web site to better fit Google's measure of the Web.

What if Facebook Likes take off? Or to use the proper jargon: What if the Open Graph becomes the measure of the Web? Will publishers change their sites to appease our new overlord? Thousands of sites are adding Facebook's version of semantic data in preference to the open standards as Facebook becomes the new kingmaker. In the week since launch, more than 50,000 Web sites have added Facebook's "social plug-ins." All of which will make it blissfully easy for Facebook to organize the Web:

Open web advocates have reason to be concerned. Privacy experts are also raising red flags. No doubt they'll find an ally in Google: Without access to the stitches that bind web pages together, the search engine could falter.

Courtesy by CNN

US search engine giant Google is planning to introduce Android-based television software in May which will enable the users to access television through Internet. The new software, designed to open set-top boxes, TVs and other devices to more content from the internet, is attracting interest from partners that include Sony Corp, Intel Corp and Logitech International SA, which are expected to offer products that support the software, according to people familiar with the matter. However, none has so far discussed the efforts publicly, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Google, of Mountain View, California, is currently planning on sharing some details about the technology with more than 3,000 developers expected to attend its conference in San Francisco on May 19 and 20. One person familiar with the matter cautioned that the company could also decide to delay discussing it until the technology is more mature. Google uses the annual conference to showcase a range of technologies of interest to developers. The decision to address developers suggests that the internet giant may be hoping to kick-start a race to build applications for its TV platform, much in the same way that Google, Apple Inc. and others have courted developers for smartphones. The app-store approach has already begun to gain traction among some players in the TV market, too, aided by the advent of TVs, Blu-ray players and other hardware with internet connections.

The service, which uses the new Google technology, allows users to access and search across programming from the internet as well as conventional programming. The test, which began last year, is still limited to a very small number of the company’s employees and their families.

Monday, 03 May 2010 14:32

Some Search Engine Marketing Tips

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has gained prominence after Google started search engine facility. As the worlds leading search engine, Google has provided SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) a chance to popularize themselves in the face of stiff competition they face from large corporations. The SMEs use tools to popularize their websites, their by expanding their online reach. The more people they communicate with, the better is their chance to do good business using online sales as a medium. As Google Search expands its reach, its becoming important to enhance connections. Google helps connect consumers to all kinds information they need. Its important for SMEs to make use of Google tools that will them help in enhancing their reach. These include

Google Trends – Its a Google tool that allows users to track the popularity of a search term over a selected period. This allows them to go for online advertisements like Google Ads.

Google Blog Search – This blog search allows users to search for the products, company, or industry that interests them. Similar to Technorati, its used to deliver the right kind of search result as per the requirement.

Google Analytics — What search terms are being used to find a website? Google analytics allows users access to websites who have leave.

Search Engine Marketing has evolved into a business that is being used successfully by mid to upper level marketers, to expand their reach. However they need to take a few things into consideration.

Rank Your Results

Users need to benchmarks their SEM campaigns to allow it to perform to its full potential.  They can also design their own campaigns as per their requirement.

Check Your Bounce Rate

If the SEM campaigns are not developed properly it results in search results getting bounced from the website. Bounce rate measures how many visits just went to the landing page and did not go anywhere else.  As such creating landing pages of a website, preferably the home page where all the traffic will be directed is important.

Ensure Statistical Validity

Make sure that the differences in click through rates are statistically valid.  This can be done by ensuring that most valuable words on the website create the largest number of impressions.  This impression measurement will ensure conversion of clicks into permanent links.

Drill Down to Keyword Level

Optimization of keyword is important as it will allow a website to maintain its differences between the top and bottom 10% of a search result at the keyword level. This can be done by looking for similar groups of keywords.  If a website is selling books then the ad group should be built around selling books and not horror books. 

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the premier way by which websites can get targeted visitors. However, the content on the website many people may not understand. So its important to create content that bring in targeted results.

Creating Ad Campaigns

Creating ad campaign, preferably above 50 adgroups per campaign helps. These ad campaigns should be created with slight variations in the keyword list. The more the adgroups, the better it is, as these adgroups help websites get much more exposure than the other websites.

Creating Adgroups

Create tightly-themed adgroups with under 50 keywords per adgroup helps. Repeating the keywords in multiple adgroups for each search engine is not needed. One broad set of matching keywords instead of phrase and exact match is enough. Using negative keywords is not recommended.

Writing Ads

When it comes to content network, one must write ads that interrupt and grab attention of online visitors. Its not necessary that these ads should have the same keywords s in the title tag of the website to maximize search.


Do not pause SEM ad campaigns, use advanced ad scheduling for continuous work. This is because when there is a pause and start in the ad campaigns, it virtually means a start from scratch all over again as these campaigns have short life.

Keep Track

Keeping track of the SEM ad campaigns helps as it can allow users to make their website’s online business profitable. By tracking the adgroup instead of tracking the keywords one can enhance their presence in the search networks.

Wednesday, 05 May 2010 14:31

Coming: A Super-Fast Internet

Communication devices are soon to get smaller, more flexible and more powerful, thanks to a nano-based technology that can make computers and the Internet hundreds of times faster. Currently being created by Dr. Koby Scheuer of Tel Aviv University, the communications technology ‘enabler’ could only be used in five or ten years in the future. Scheuer has developed a new plastic-based technology for the nano-photonics market, which manufactures optical devices and components.

The plastic-based ‘filter’ is made from nanometer-sized grooves embedded into the plastic. When used in fibre optics cable switches, the new device will make our communication devices smaller, more flexible and more powerful, he said. "To avoid bottlenecks of information, we need to separate the information coming through into different channels. Our polymeric devices can do that in the optical domain – at a speed, quality and cost that the semi-conductor industry can't even imagine," said Scheuer.

When that technology comes to light, the new plastic-based switches could revolutionise the way we communicate. "Right now, we could transmit all of the written text of the world though a single fiber in a fiber optics cable in just a few seconds. But in order to handle these massive amounts of communication data, we need filters to make sense of the incoming information. Ours uses a plastic-based switch, replacing hard-to-fabricate and expensive semi-conductors," said Scheuer.

Semi-conductors, grown on crystals in sterile labs and processed in special ovens, take days and sometimes months to manufacture. They are delicate and inflexible as well. "Our plastic polymer switches come in an easy-to-work-with liquid solution. Using a method called 'stamping,' almost any laboratory can make optical devices out of the silicon rubber mold we've developed,” he added. The silicon rubber mould is scored with nano-sized grooves, invisible to the eye and each less than a millionth of a meter in width.

A plastic solution can be poured over the mould to replicate the optical switch in minutes. When in place in a fibre-optic network, the grooves on the switch modulate light coming in through the cables, and the data is filtered and encoded into usable information. The device can also be used in the gyros of planes, ships and rockets; inserted into cell phones; and made a part of flexible virtual reality gloves so doctors could "operate" on computer networks over large distances.

Thursday, 06 May 2010 14:30

Google to Take On Amazon This Summer

While is the pioneer in revolutionizing the use of internet, the other is the pioneer in monetizing the internet. Despite being one of the biggest companies in the world, Google has been acquiring a company that helps it expand business or launching a service with intent to challenge established leaders in the business. As such Google, will start selling e-books in June or July 2010. This after it decided to launch Android phones and is about to start delivery of TV through internet software. According to Chris Palma, Google’s manager for strategic-partner development “The Book on Google: Is the Future of Publishing in the Cloud?”. Clearly , its an attempt to challenge’s hold over sale of books over internet.

What is Google Editions

This is the first time that Google, the company has mentioned a date for when it plans to jump into the e-book fray. However what should set Google’s new offerings apart from its established competitors like,, or even Barnes & Noble, is that it will allow users to access books from a variety of websites using multiple devices.  The new service, called Google Editions, will let essentially let online users buy digital copies of books they discover through its book-search service using any device. After a purchase is made and buyer accesses the online book for the first time, it will be permanently cached in the buyer’s browser making the e-book available for reading even when the buyer is offline. When it launches, Google Editions is expected to have around 500,000 titles, though Google has yet to release details about pricing or which publishers will participate. Under Google's payment scheme, publishers will receive about 63% of the gross sales, and Google will keep the remaining 37%. The new service will also let book retailers to sell Google Editions on their own sites, keeping most of the revenue. However, as democratizing as it sounds, it's unclear how many people will buy or keep a Google Editions title on their laptop or smartphone, instead of the traditional paper format. According to reports, Google hopes to offer Google Edition e-book titles through other online book retailers also. In this scenario, online retailers would be getting 55% of revenues minus a small fee paid to Google, whereas the publishers would be getting 45%. According to reports, Google may also create deals to sell Google Editions books directly through a book publisher's website, but no details have been announced for how that scenario would work. Google's e-books would reportedly be indexed and searchable like many books are now through Google's Book Search.

Can Google Editions Change Commercial Use of Internet

All of Google’s new business have tried to reshape the market. Google's plans to launch Google Editions is also expected to make reading and accessing e-books practically universal on almost any device that can be used to log on to the internet. However, Google is not the first company to deliver e-books to PC. Companies like Buy Ebook and are already doing this, and the online social publishing website, started selling e-books way back in early 2009.

According to reports, Google's use of internet browser as an e-reader may make it slightly easy for online buyers to access an e-book than those of other retailers. Google will primarily shun the general use of ePub and PDF formats . But one hurdle Google can't overcome is the fact that people will have to read books on a computer screen, and so far people are still not ready to read e-books on a PC. Lets hop for the best.

Social networking websites are turning out to be a curse for privacy for people. The biggest culprit among various social networking websites is Facebook, founded less than 5 years ago. What made Facebook click was not its US$ 15 billion value, not its software, its patents, or its smart people but its enormous database, an electronic catalog of interconnections and interests of its members with details of who knows whom. The daily updates of my friends' new friends and what groups they have joined are like tiny, atomized announcements, inviting people to contribute updates. Facebook's vast social network is invaluable for checking reputations. The same data can be helpful to sell stuff though earlier this year, Facebook found that telling members what their friends had bought was going too far. On the other hand there are websites that purely help make business connections like's with motto of "Relationships matter," that encourages everyone to submit others' contact information so that prospective clients can "bypass gatekeepers" and "go straight to decision-makers."

Technology keeps changing the norms. As such few years ago, a public catalog of all the nation's swimming-pool owners was shocking, but today anyone can use Google Maps to look down into people's back yards. As such friends circles are likewise going to be more public and staying off websites like won't keep people private. With many public sources from which social network information can be culled including newspapers and blogs computers can connect people simply on the basis of whether they are mentioned in the same article. As technology creates opportunities for people to catalog who knows whom, people are uploading their family photos to online album websites such as and This is not only helping them create a vast network but also infringing on privacy as photographs that should be private are being seen by other people. Here’s were see things start to go wrong, with the whole world finding out, where someone spent their vacation.

All this information sharing through links established by computers may not be real social connections. As privacy settings change limiting the abuse of personal information without resorting to internet censorship will slowly become even more difficult. Recently the news of sale of 1.5 million stolen Facebook accounts on the black market by a hacker created panic amongst users. Researchers at VeriSign iDefense Labs, an internet security firm, found stolen login details of people on on sale for as little as US$25 for 1,000 on a Russian website According to the firm, the hacker called ‘kirllos’ was offering login information for bundles of 1,000 accounts with 10 or fewer friends on sale for just $25 (£16) and with more than 10, for $45 (£30). However Facebook rubbished the claims, saying that ‘kirllos' was making wild claims; as when Facebook tried to buy details from ‘kirllos’ during its own investigation, the hacker was unable to produce anything. Its known that hackers use software that logs computer keystrokes or 'phishing' techniques that trick users into giving out their passwords, personal information like birth dates, addresses and phone numbers. The accounts are then hijacked to send spam and malicious programs or to commit identity frauds. Users concerned about their account privacy can do very little to contain the damage.

Despite this there is flurry of information uploaded on Facebook that should remain private. This has even resulted in marriage breaking down in Britain, where marriage counselors claim that social networking sites like Facebook have helped a number of bored middle-aged users in their 40s and 50s to reconnect with childhood sweethearts resulting in their lives being thrown into turmoil. Australian Family Relationships Clearing House manager Elly Robinson said online behavior was causing friction in households. She said "People will come in (for counselling) where one partner may deny their online behaviour has been any sort of problem, but the issue is … if it's upsetting one of those people in the relationship, it's a problem". Robinson further said "Relationships develop more quickly online because inhibitions are lowered, it's easy to exchange information, people are online 24/7, there's an (endless) amount of people you can link up with who are there for the same reason, real life pressures fade away … it's a bit of a fantasy world".

Relationships Australia vice-president Anne Hollonds said "The internet doesn't make people have affairs. It's become the pathway of choice for many people but I don't think that means the Internet is breaking up families". However she also said "But there's no evidence to suggest that had the technology not been available, you wouldn't have had an affair with someone else anyway". As everyone fantasies about love from the past and with the technology available people are using internet to reconnect with lost loves, ultimately causing trouble for their present families, something for which they should be always be responsible.

Just yesterday a software glitch on Facebook; let people's friends in online communities, see each others' private chat messages. This forced Facebook to temporarily shut down its online chat feature.  "When we received reports of the problem, our engineers promptly diagnosed it and temporarily disabled the chat function," a Facebook spokesman said in an email response to an AFP inquiry. According to Facebook, for peeks into private chat all Facebook users had to do was to manipulate the "preview my profile" feature in a particular way that led chat messages and pending friend requests to be made visible for a "limited period of time". However chat option was back for most Facebook users by 1900 GMT on Wednesday. The software glitch exposed the world's leading online social-networking service which is increasingly being scrutinized regarding infringement of privacy of its users.

According to a Consumer Reports survey titled "Social Insecurity"; most of the adult users of social networks have posted "risky personal information" such as birth dates or children's photos to profile pages. The survey indicated that 23% of Facebook's users "either didn't know that the site offered privacy controls or chose not to use them." Since its launch in 2005 Facebook has become an online repository of personal information and its important that the company should protect user data the way banks protect safe deposit boxes. According to Andrew Brandt, lead threat research analyst at computer security firm, Webroot "They shouldn't be leaving the vault unlocked even for a few hours," Brandt said, referring to the chat feature glitch. Internet users need to realize that any information they put online can escape into the wild. If you have embarrassing photos from spring break that could get you in trouble now or in the future, just don't put that stuff there. Brandt further said "Remember that everything that goes on the Internet essentially stays there. Even if Facebook hides it away, that stuff might be retrievable in the future."

Just last week, 4 US senators expressed concern to Facebook over recent changes to the social network that they say compromised the privacy of its more than 400 million users. In a letter to Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, they said they worried that personal information about Facebook users is being made available to third party websites. They also said Facebook should make sharing personal information an "opt-in" procedure under which a user specifically gives permission for personal data to be shared. With social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and others rolling out new features issuing of guidelines on the use of private information has become necessary. It’s also known that Facebook on April 21, 2010 rolled out a series of new features that allowed partner websites to incorporate Facebook users data, helping the website to expand its presence across the internet.

Despite this Elliot Schrage, Vice President-Global Communications (Facebook) is adamant in saying that online privacy is taken very seriously at the company. He said "These new products and features are designed to enhance personalization and promote social activity across the Internet while continuing to give users unprecedented control over what information they share, when they want to share it, and with whom". With Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg famously saying “There is nothing private in social networking on internet.” It has really become important to draw a line where people can use social networking websites freely but still maintain a level of privacy.

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Latest SEO Pointers for Websites

With online marketing and search engine optimization taking centerstage, it has become important to make relevant changes done in the way a website is marketed over the internet. As to get maximum weight-age in search engines and access to online customers is the most important thing for a website, these changes can help websites develop into a popular and most sought after website. However a few happenings in the last one yr that can surely influence the way a website gains popularity; includes the launch of, announcement of Google Caffeine service, and the merger of Yahoo and Microsoft search among others. Following is the list of pointers that can help a website reach out to potential customers, access wider market bases as well as enhance brand visibility.

Cutdown Webpage Load Time

Google has hinted that longer load time of a website may affect its ranking in the search engines. It means, the faster a website loads; its chances to rank well in search engines for its niche keywords increases. As such for a website to get improved ranking, access to reputable web hosting service provider and faster internet connection is important.

Listing in Google Local Search

Its’ important for a website to get listed in local searches like Google Local Search to ensure its visibility as a brand in areas near to its origin. Enhanced visibility in front of online visitors in the neighborhood ensures that the number of visitors to a website increases. It’s a known fact that an online customer always prefers to purchase a quality product available in his/her vicinity rather than order it from distant city or state. This will help a website gain prominence in local search results and ultimately enhance its overall ranking.

Enhance Social Media Presence

With social media being the new tool to communicate with people from far and wide with similar tastes, its important for organizations to actively engage and enhance their social networking profile to reach out to potential customers. Opting for relevant Social Media Marketing techniques can help organizations to create awareness about their brand, and thus build relationships with consumers who expect something particular. Niche marketing, micro targeting and personalized keywords can help websites enhance their online presence.

Optimize Website for Mobile Users

With increasing number of people using their mobile devices to communicate on Facebook and Twitter, it has now become important for organizations optimize their websites in such a way that they can be accessed from mobile phones. This will prompt people to access a website even at times when they don’t have access to laptops or PCs. Websites appear on mobiles either under the same URL or a special domain name. The most common way is to have the domain name as

Apply Web Analytics

Its important for websites to opt for correct web analytics tools such as Omniture, Google Analytics and Yahoo! Web Analytics etc to analyze the way online visitor’s use internet time.  This will prompt websites to develop strategies to target online visitors in the best possible way. However web analytics tools can only answer the “how” many visitors checked the product catalogue, but not the answer to “why” the visitors didn’t place an order for the product. So its important for organizations to apply the findings of these tools to enhance their visitor experience and in turn increase sales revenues.

Monday, 17 May 2010 14:27

Log Out of Facebook

Has that time finally arrived when people will feel, its better off to delete their Facebook account? If so, then May 31 is perhaps the D-Day, when hundreds and thousands of Facebook users are expected to log out of the website, which is currently the worlds largest socaial networking website.

A website called Quit Facebook Day, has set the last day of May as the day when, everyone keen to leave the social network should finally take the plunge and hit the Delete key. Several high profile technology pundits and celebs are kicking the world’s number one social networking site to the curb. Just on 7th May Begonia Infosys, posted a blog related to perils of social networking, Facebook popularity and infringment of privacy. Looks like people have taken note of the seroius violations of privacy.

Begonia Infosys published what Elliot Schrage, Vice President-Global Communications (Facebook) said 93These new products and features are designed to enhance personalization and promote social activity across the Internet while continuing to give users unprecedented control over what information they share, when they want to share it, and with whom94. Begonia Infosys had said that with Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg famously saying 93There is nothing private in social networking on internet.94 its really important to draw a line where people can use social networking websites freely but still maintain a level of privacy. There are several reasons why people are logging out of Facebook, some of the important ones being

An Open Secret

With the Facebook’s recent introduction of a platform that, it by default gives third-party companies access to members’ names, friend lists and hobbies to “personalize” their surfing experience, everything is an open secret. This means that when a member logs onto a partner site, such as Yelp or Pandora, the content displayed is shaped by their own interests, as well as the activities of their Facebook friends. With everything being out in the open, there is no privacy, however this feature can be disabled using a manual opt-out which is essential.

Dangers of Facebook

According to a security expert website, Facebook users unwittingly expose themselves to 5 dangers that might be beyond their control. As their information is shared with third parties; their privacy settings revert to a less safe default mode after each redesign; malware from Facebook advertisements; fake profiles from scammers; bugs; hackings; spam; and real friends who unknowingly make them vulnerable.

Word of Mouth Campaign

According Google Canada reports that the top online search related to “Facebook account” is “delete Facebook,” while the fastest-rising related query is “deactivate Facebook account,” up 40% over the past 90 days. Worldwide, the search engine’s results on Facebook account deletion campaign has ballooned from 15.9 million to 19.5 million between May 11 and 13 alone. Rememeber that in a blog Begonia Infosys had reported that Facebook with a valuation of US$15 billion has 400 million members in total, still if in this pace people start logging out of Facebook, by 31st May 2010 the leading social networking website may lose out on the huge chunk of its subscribers.

The Rule Book

Some say privacy and security are considered dirty words at the Facebook. As the world’s largest social media networking website, Facebook has come under fire for its privacy policy that has left users exposed and vulnerable. Amazingly, it was reported that Facebook’s privacy policy is a whopping 5,830 words long, even bigger than the Constitution of the USA, which reportedly has 4,543 words. On the flip side, Facebook perhaps aware of the changing midset of users, is making it difficult for users to delete their social networking accounts.

Bugs and Hacking

Begonia Infosys had also referred to a survey that indicated that 23% of Facebook92s users 93either didn92t know that the site offered privacy controls or chose not to use them.94 Begonia Infosys also reported in its blog about the recent news of sale of 1.5 million stolen Facebook a/c on the black market by a Russian hacker. Researchers at VeriSign iDefense Labs, an internet security firm found stolen login details of people on put on sale on a Russian website, by the hacker called 91kirllos92; who was offering login information for bundles of 1,000 accounts with 10 or fewer friends on sale for just $25 (£16) and with more than 10, for $45 (£30).

Despite this Facebook rubbished these claims, saying that 91kirllos92 was making wild claims. Facebook said it tried to buy details from 91kirllos92 during its own investigation, the hacker was unable to produce anything. Then there was the case of a software glitch on Facebook; that let people92s friends in online communities, see each others92 private chat messages. Eventhough Facebook temporarily shut down its online chat feature saying 93When we received reports of the problem, our engineers promptly diagnosed it and temporarily disabled the chat function94 the damage was done.

According to Facebook, for peeks into private chat all Facebook users had to do was to manipulate the 93preview my profile94 feature in a particular way that led chat messages and pending friend requests to be made visible for a 93limited period of time94. The software glitch exposed the world92s leading online social-networking service which is increasingly being scrutinized regarding infringement of privacy of its users.

Probably for this reason mainly, people are trying to do everything to log out of Facebook. Lets see what happens on May 31st 2010.

Website Development

Developing a website by following a set technique is not a big problem. The real problem is to develop a website that is not just able to draw people to it, but also generates business. A website that does not provide the correct information, does not help create a better business opportunity; is actually of no use. A website created to provide information, which is of no use to the visitor is as good as a paper weight.

Information on the Internet

The total information available on the internet if totaled will add up to 12 stacks of paper, with each stack of such great height that if put on the road side by side, each stack will cover the distance from Sun to Pluto.

Need to Develop a Proper Website

In the days of fast paced development, the need to develop a perfect marketing strategy to promote company92s products and services is absolutely necessary. A perfectly developed website is considered the best possible way to market and expand the business of an organization. However a website needs to be developed in accordance with set guidelines that best suit the company or a person92s requirement. Here are a few secret techniques or guidelines that can be followed to develop a website.

NVC Guidelines

NVC Guidelines stand for: Necessity, Visibility, and Curiosity


These guidelines are prepared in keeping with the fact that the website will not only help the company to generate business, but also expand its customer base. These types of websites are a requirement for courier companies, travel/transport companies, manufacturing/export companies, and other businesses for whom such a website can help track shipments, make and collect payments online, conduct meetings.

Necessity Guidelines:

  1. Huge domain space to manage database, information and other related matters.
  2. Provision for making/receiving payments.
  3. Best suited email and content management system
  4. Correct and sustained information updates including latest news, developments.
  5. Complete brochure of products and services.


These guidelines are prepared for the websites that will not only help the company to generate business to some extent, but more so for increasing the visibility of the website, as such their online business opportunities, such as awareness about their services and reach out to people living in distant places. These types of websites are a requirement for schools, colleges, hospitals, charitable institutions, and others for whom website are used to increase their reach, bring transparency in transaction, and spread awareness.

Visibility Guidelines:

  1. Appropriate domain space to manage database, information and other related matters, with provision for further enhancement in future as per requirement.
  2. Provision for making/receiving payments.
  3. Provision for maximum content.
  4. Correct information updates.


These guidelines are prepared in keeping with the fact that the website may not only help the company to generate business, but also expand the customer base of the company. Websites dedicated towards advertising, sales and marketing help generate curiosity about a company92s products and services in the people who visit them. These types of websites do contain information about the company, but most of the times these websites either link up with other major websites or provide information about where these businesses are operating from.

A0Curiosity Guidelines:

  1. Limited domain space for information and other related matters, with provision for further enhancement in future as per requirement.
  2. Provision for appropriate content.
  3. Information updates.
  4. Proper Links.

A0Developing a Website

However its ideal to develop a simple or sophisticated website using HTML or PHP as that helps in customization. All that is needed is taking proper options, putting in appropriate site-related information, proper domain name and space. Softwares such asA0 SiteBuilder Elite with Automatic Options are ideally suited to help people develop numerous websites that can not only generate business for the website owner, but also boost the website ranking, mostly in Google. Some of the Automatic Options are:-

1. Standardized Adsense Adblocks.

2. Privacy Policy page and a Terms of Service (TOS) page.

3. Site Search page.

4. Home and Sitemap links in navigation bar.

5. RSS feed content on all pages.

6. Randomized title and description metatags to hide footprints from search engines.

7. Search Engine Optimized (SEO) with keyword in title, description and metatags.

8. Permalink at the bottom of each page to aid in SEO.

9. Randomly rotating images beside ads to draw the reader’s attention.

10. Ads from ad networks such as Amazon, ModernClick, PeakClick etc.

11. Own or PLR articles to add content to website.

12. Content from Yahoo Answers for website.

13. Specific articles on specific pages when needed.

14. Fixed homepage.

15. Home page turned into a landing page.

16. Contact Us page.

17. Videos from YouTube related to the subject of each webpage.

18. A resources page.

19. Header image or text header on website.

20. Change names, colors and sizes of fonts on the webpages.

21. Social Bookmarking links.

22. Articles page with RSS feeds from article directories

23. Cache pages for faster loading times.

24. Web 2.0 Videos.

25. Randomly update and auto-submission of sitemaps on Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

26. Recommended products.

27. Option to add comments.

28. Auto hyperlinking of web addresses and site page interlinking.

29. Page translation widget.

30. “Develop Your Domain Names” link to website.

31. Google Analytics/Kontera/stats code for simple cut and paste operation.

Following all these automatic options and the NVC guidelines will help a website developer not just increase the page rank of the website developed by him, but also increase the revenue he gets from the website.

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