Today’s age is all about networking. By networking people can get to do many things that they cant do otherwise. The pace at which internet related technology has evolved has further fueled the growth of social networking as tool to make friends, get jobs, share knowledge/expertise, do business or just communicate.

However in social networking, there are some rules that one must follow in order to avoid being banned or thrown out of a group. Social networking websites are community based, so its’ important to join community discussions where subjects are to your liking and level. Participating in a community to add value should be the first aim while joining a social networking community. In social networking sites the more valuable content you contribute, the better is your chance of getting higher placement in search engines like google, yahoo, msn and others.

According to reports now-a-days social networking websites are being increasingly used by employers to check job applicants' profiles. Why, because employers want to understand the candidates more and look beyond the résumé. Hiring managers chose not to hire a candidate based on what they find in their profiles on social networking websites.

Controversial information, drinking or drugs and inappropriate photographs, evidence of poor communication skills, negative comments about a former employer or others and lies about qualification on a candidates social networking profile have been reason why deserving were not hired by prospective employers. As such its important now-a-days that with respect to job aspiration, people should do and should not do things on social networking websites.


Be honest. Whenever sharing ideas and concepts, be honest in your views, tips and over time you will succeed in building lasting trusted relationships on social networking sites.

Update Your Profile Regularly. Keep profiles updated, as recruiters love to find top-notch passive job candidates and a current profile can help people land dream job when you least expect it. Use Correct Language. Always people like to communicate with those who speak or write in social networking sites sensibly. As sometimes first impression is last impression using a language that draws people is imperative. Otherwise people will think that you are out of your mind and stop communicating with you. So using courteous and correct language on a social networking website is very important.

Do Go On The Offensive. Want to use profile on networking site as a tool, review the pictures uploaded, the personal information disclosed and any personal blogs or sites linked to. Don't wait until interviewing to go back and clean up profile because the hiring manager probably already had a look.

Join Groups Selectively. Through social networking sites one can connect with other people who share same interests and likings. Thus if registered with virtual groups like "I Drink More Beer than Water", a hiring manager trying to find a mature candidate for an open position wont have a great impression.


Don't Badmouth Current/Previous Employer. Griping about current/previous boss is a big error during an interview, and it goes same for social networking profile. So its better to avoid badmouthing current/previous boss as hiring managers may think that they will also be badmouthed once they leave the company. This will dry up a good job opportunity.

Don't Mention Your Job Search. If the boss knows you are on the lookout for a new job, then by all means let it be known. However, if you're attempting to keep your search below the radar, don’t let anyone know it. Even if the boss isn't your online friend, somebody can get the information back to him/her.

Don't Forget Others Can See Your Friends. Unless you've opted to keep the friends list private, your friends can see your professional or personal contacts. So in addition to keeping your friends' risqué comments off of your profile, be cautious about whom you befriend and when.

Don’t Try Marketing Everytime. It’s important to know when to market your self and your skills. Don’t try to impose yourself blatantly by hitting people every time with your information to create a job or business opportunity, instead be subtle in your approach.

Types of Social Networking Websites

As social networking sites are used by potential bosses to evaluate a person before picking them for a job, so spicing up social networking sites with latest details is important. However it’s important to know which social networking site should be used for which purpose.

For just broadening the network of people you want to get in touch with by sharing photos, videos, favorite links, music, books, movies, its good to join websites like MySpace, Facebook, LindedIn, Direct Matches and Ryze.

For the purpose of advertising and promoting yourself joining social bookmarking sites where interesting bookmarks provide access to a very limitless worldwide community is preferable. These include websites like Digg, Technorati,, Reddit and StumbleUpon.

For the purpose of sharing content developed on subjects that you are expert on its better to join content sharing sites like Wikipedia, Squidoo, HubPages, Gather and EzineArticles. These websites help people communicate with others through articles, blog post and snippets where virtually no web skills are required to generate content.

For the purpose of sharing media people can join websites like YouTube for sharing videos, Flickr for sharing photos, SlideShare for sharing slide presentations and JamGlue for sharing self created music is the best option.

For the purpose of blogging joining websites like WordPress and Blogger is ideal. With the expansion of internet and focus on creating a brand for yourself based on the expertise that can be marketed well is gaining importance. Creating blogs and consistently updating them with useful information and connecting with people is the key to blogging.