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Video Email System

What is a Video Email  System?

Video Emailing System (VES) is an emailing system that use videos as a method to send emails, rather that sending traditional text emails. A VES is a web-based email service that uses videos as a medium to send messages across to anyone. A VES can also be available in a web-based video encoding format that eliminates the need for downloading and installation. This allows people to send any kind of messages online using video clips.

People can send anything in a Videos Emailing Software  such as a private message, commemorating message, love message, appointment message, queries, simple salutation to product showcasing.

What Does Begonia Information Systems (BIS) Do?

Begonia Information Systems (BIS) provides its clients a innovative set of VES. Our web design and development company allows its customers the facility of video streaming and video email marketing. BIS allows its clients to upload videos in any format, such as MPEG, AVI or QuickTime and turn them into Flash format movies. BIS allows its clients to make use of videos streaming mail, embedded video emails, email video clip all at one go without the hassle of creating special files for uploading and sending videos emails.

The innovativeness of VES provided by BIS is that the users need not have a necessary software coding language, all he or she needs to do is to record the  videos, the rest is taken care the VES. BIS provides a variety of services to its clients including video emails and video streaming services. BIS is also  providing its clients video email marketing services for enhancing business communications.