Begonia Information Systems
An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Web Development Company

Streaming Videos And Social Networking

Begonia Information System (BIS) holds the expertise in developing streaming videos & social networking web portals for its clients. BIS has developed its expertise in developing video and social networking portals based on the demand raised by the customers. The streaming video portals are the ones which allow people to share videos with each other. The social networking web portals allow people in any part of the world to communicate with each other either as friends or as business partners. These web portals allow people to communicate with each other either through short messages called scraps or just images with out the need to registering into an email account.

The streaming videos & social networking portals both have provisions for allowing innumerable members access to the videos and information. As with streaming videos; social networking web portals though allow anyone to access the information, but there are provisions for restricted access that will allow only a few people to gain access to the portals. One of the examples of Streaming Videos & Social Networking websites developed by BIS is