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Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

E-mail Marketing (EM) is nothing but sending marketing messages using electronic mail. E-mails can be used to send messages to huge number of people at the lowest cost to market a product/service through newsletter. E-mails can also be used to create effective promotional campaigns, send invitations to an event, conduct online survey, create awareness about social welfare programs that people may not have heard about. 
E-mails also help in enhancing the merchant consumer relationship, as both the parties remain in constant touch with each other.

E-mails written in simple language can influence the receiver in a more better manner, than a verbal message sent. E-mails can also contain images, videos, product specification, as well as various other inputs. Through EM campaigns producers and sellers can create a loyalty program through multi level marketing that includes current or previous customers and as such generate more business. E-mail marketing can also be used to advertise products of other companies. EM campaigns can help people associated with charity organizations to send and receive messages to targeted audience at far less cost than any other form of marketing campaigns.

What Does Begonia Information Systems (BIS) Do?

Begonia Information Systems (BIS) uses a variety of innovative techniques to create an effective e-mail marketing campaign; allowing the clients to expand their reach to maximum number of people. BIS holds expertise in helping its clients prepare and send non spam e-mail marketing campaigns that are safe. The EM campaigns prepared by BIS can also be exclusively designed that can be considered as unique mails that are specifically prepared on the basis of the requirement of the client.

BIS also provides its clients servers to send and receive emails under various categories, as well as help prepare a targeted list of clients to whom the emails can be sent. BIS with its’ innovative know-how uses various internet marketing tools to develop a successful email marketing campaign. BIS can also send and receive bulk mails for its clients, thus allowing the clients ample time to think of problems that are more important. BIS uses a variety of internet marketing tools to meet the requirement of every individual company. BIS also holds the expertise to develop an effective online EM campaign, that will eventually help the clients to popularize their business on the internet.